Corporate Solutions

Our method saves both the company's and the student's time

  • private lessons in total confidentiality at your desk
  • groups limited to a maximum of 5 (and a minimum of 3)
  • intensive and last minute refresher courses - for urgent overseas postings etc
  • current affairs discussion courses for experienced speakers
  • specialist vocabularies and tailor-made courses designed to the needs of your business
  • monthly reports on student progress
  • all lessons are recorded to help revision and progress monitoring
  • real-time relationship with the school
  • students benefit from always working with the same teacher
  • opportunity to practise your English with other students and teachers, virtually
  • an alternative to expensive residential immersion courses overseas and much cheaper
  • payments monthly in advance with discounts available for payment covering a complete level
  • students in same group can each be in different time zones and all enjoy the same quality of teaching
  • students can continue learning when on overseas postings or assignments
  • no transport problems or costs; environmentally friendly; minimal carbon footprint

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